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We see the potential of AI but also the risks that the technology brings if left unchecked. CATAI's mission is to ensure safe, trustworthy AI for all by advancing agile AI governance on a global scale. We support basic and applied research into new, more trustworthy forms of AI and inform, based on that, the development of AI governance models. The goal is to better understand and quantify the risks of AI and provide tools for governing AI, such as software for evaluating, auditing, licensing, and registering AI systems, as well as support and training for governments standing up new policies around AI. Our aim is to create something we call governance-in-a-box: turnkey tools, training, consulting, and best practices for AI regulation. Ideally, we would give that package away for minimal cost (supported in part by philanthropy) to countries that lack the expertise to develop their own regulatory regimes for AI.


Providing governments with a package of tools and expertise to govern AI


Helping governments get to robust AI governance

Basic Research

Understanding and quantifying the risks from AI more effectively

Applied Research

Developing tools for governing AI, e.g., for pre-deployment checks, auditing, and licensing AI systems


Supporting global collaboration on AI governance efforts